Effortless Wordpress Solutions That Could Save The Day

Preserve headers/logos underneath 125 pixels high. It takes up beneficial viewing space, primarily for laptop users, that is ideal left for the good stuff to appear"above the fold." Take a cue from the massive businesses, straightforward logos completed nicely say it all. This is our #1 pet peeve - screaming logos and headers!

I back up my blogs regularly using a plugin WP DB Backup. I can restore my blog to the settings if anything happens. I use my site to be scanned by WP Security Scan free plugin regularly and WordPress Firewall to block suspicious-looking asks to clean hacked wordpress site.

Basically, it will start with the fundamentals. Attempt using complex passwords. Use numbers, letters, special characters, and spaces click for more info and combine them to create a password. You can use.

It represents a task, while it's an odd term . We're not simply being obsessive-compulsive here: servers go down every day, despite their promises of 99.9% uptime, additional info and if you've had this happen to you, you understand the fear is it can cause.

Can click for more you view that folder, what if you go to WP-Content/plugins? If so, upload that blank Index.html file inside that folder as well so people can not view what plugins you have. Someone can use that to get access because even if your existing version of WordPress is current, if you are using a plugin or an old plugin with a security hole.

The plugin should be regularly updated play nice, to stay current with the latest WordPress release and have WordPress cloning and restore capabilities. The ability to clone your website (in addition to regular copies ) can be useful if you ever need to do an offline site redesign, among other things.

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